Industry, an essential pillar of the global economy

Industry is often seen as the engine of economic growth, creating jobs, stimulating innovation and contributing to overall prosperity.

Plastics industry

The plastics industry includes the manufacture of products such as packaging and automotive parts.

Electronics industry

The electronics industry covers the design of electronic components such as printed circuits and semiconductors.

Automotive industry

Carmakers invest in research and development to stay competitive.

Innovation and quality

Aluminium printed circuit board production

Aluminium printed circuit boards represent state-of-the-art technology, combining innovation and quality. These products meet the requirements of the modern electronics industry. They feature superior thermal and electrical conductivity, enhanced corrosion resistance and excellent durability.

These characteristics make them ideal components for critical applications in sectors such as aerospace, defense, automotive and energy, more on

Manufacturing revolution

New technologies and industrial advances

3D printing in industry

In the industrial sector, 3D printing is used to manufacture prototypes, custom parts and even complex structures.

Automation and industrial robotics

Industrial robots are revolutionizing manufacturing processes, performing repetitive tasks with precision, speed and safety.

AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)

AI optimizes production processes. As for the IoT, it connects machines for smarter, more proactive management of industrial operations.

Efficiency and performance

Industrial production processes:
the essentials!

Sustainable design

Ecological, social and economic aspects

Innovative materials

Reducing costs and improving performance

Product assembly

Quality, costs and lead times

Packaging represents the first physical and visual contact with a product. As for labeling, it must be clear and precise to guarantee transparent and reliable information for customers, more on

Sustainable packaging

Packaging creativity and functionality

Sustainable packaging is now a priority for companies, as consumers look for environmentally-friendly solutions.

To create their packaging, manufacturers are turning to biodegradable, reusable materials and intelligent packaging.

Industrial design

Aesthetics in industrial design

Using AI and data

AI analyzes consumer preferences, predicts trends and designs products to meet market needs.

User-centered design

User-centered design is all about understanding the behaviors, preferences and emotions of your target audience.

Industrial machinery

Manufacturing equipment and techniques

Industrial welding machines
Industrial welding machines are used to join metal parts, ensuring the strength and durability of assemblies. They use state-of-the-art technology.